About Keys to Living a Healthy Lifestyle


Hi, and a warm welcome to my healthy lifestyle blog. I love to travel, eat good food, relax in the sauna, and spend a lot of time on the beaches. Being a blogger gives me the freedom to do all these and still earn for a decent life. In my blog, I take you on a fantastic journey through the various lifestyles which you can adopt in your life from today. No matter who you are, how old you are, and what you do, it is possible to make a fresh start from now. Some of the specialties you find in my blog are related to your body, mind and the spiritual self.

Acceptance – Ultimate Freedom

Before taking any steps for a better lifestyle there is a need to accept the present condition is insufficient, unsatisfactory, and mind-numbing. You may be gifted with a luxurious life or a mediocre hardship. Your mind is always searching for something more, something different, something extraordinary, and something which can give you the ultimate satisfaction. Probably you haven’t found it yet, so you are reading my blog right? Now, you can accept you are unhappy and unsatisfied with whatever you are and you have. It opens the path to progress. What you need now are directions.

Physical Health and Fitness –The Start

You can’t have peace and purpose in life unless your body is healthy and fit. So, you have to keep it away from illnesses, infections, diseases, disorders, and risks of injuries. In my blog, you can find simple solutions to preventive maintenance of your body. It’s like fine-tuning your car engine for precision and efficiency.

Your lifestyle can get better, only when your body can perform what the mind commands. Let’s say, you want to drive 200 miles in the hot sun to reach your favorite beach. Your mind is willing but the body may not be. In my blog, I will share the secrets of keeping a lean and fit body without having to sweat it out for hours.

Food and Beverages – Fuel for Lifetime

Your search for healthy, hygienic, tasty, and flavorsome foods may have given you happiness. Are you satisfied? I guess it is a no. In my blog, I can give you plenty of tips for preparing your own delicious and healthy foods. Of course, you can have plenty of butter, cream, cheese, spice, meat, fish, and everything to please your tongue. Yet, you can have a healthy lifestyle without getting obese. I am sharing this secret without because I have experimented and found practical results.

For the beverages, I can give you a list of drinks with soda, spice, herbs, alcohol, fruits, and many other ingredients to keep you happy and satisfied. These beverages can also burn the fat and keep you slim.

Peaceful Mind – Throttle Control

Life is not just about acceleration and braking. It is a smooth flow without any obstructions. So, you need a throttle control to make it happen. You can find the keys to control the flow and direction of your lifestyle in my blog. Keep reading to discover the secrets.