Healthy Lifestyle with Chiropractic Massages

Chiropractic Massages

Hi, and welcome to my blog on living a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic massages. Why would you choose the relatively unknown treatment, when there are plenty of other known and proven methods of treatments? For example, you could consider physiotherapy, acupuncture, and others. The difference is in the adjustment and manipulation of the spinal cord and the connecting nervous system through natural procedures. Let’s consider the basic principles of chiropractic massage.

Chiropractic Massage

Muscle Kneading

The muscles on the left and right sides of the spine are extensor, erector spine, gluteal, and other Para-spinal muscles. They have a complex structure with the exterior, intermediate, and interior layers. The external muscles are very close to the skin layer. The connectivity between these three layers is very sensitive.

Your body’s sitting; sleeping, standing, and sitting postures can have a great impact on the structural stability of these muscles. Any misalignment can lead to stress and strain. In the beginning, you may not be able to realize the long term consequences, because the impact is low. For example, you may get lower back pain. Then it could extend slowly to the upper spine and reach the neck.

Medications and other forms of treatments provide only temporary relief. The symptoms can return when the effects of medications reduce with time.

Muscle kneading is a form of chiropractic massage, which can reach the interior layers and set right the structural alignment. The results are permanent and irreversible. Hence, the effectiveness is stated to be for many years.

Chiropractors use essential oils for the muscle kneading massage. It results in the decreasing of stress and tension between the muscle layers. It can heal the pain and remove all the toxic elements within the three muscle layers.

Spinal Adjustments

Spinal adjustment massages focus on the three sections on your spinal cord.  The chiropractor starts the massage from the coccyx section. Here, the massaging will be slow and deep. He will also set right any misalignments between the lower back muscles and the spinal cord tail-end. In many cases, the adjustments can result in long-term healing of the neuromuscular system also.

Adjustments of the lumbar vertebrae can lead to healthier back and Para-spinal muscles. These treatments can improve the strength and stamina of the entire spine and the backbone. I have personally experienced the magical effects after going through the chiropractic massages.

Thoracic Vertebrate Massage

The methods focus on fine-tuning the nervous system which connects to the thoracic vertebrate that is at the middle of the back. The layer extends up to the shoulder muscles.

Chiropractic massage on this layer can activate the entire nervous system that connects to the cardiovascular, skeletal, and neuromuscular parts of the body. The body becomes more agile and active than ever before. My chiropractor friend has treated many men and women in the age groups of 70+. All of them have been able to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle so far.


A healthy lifestyle starts from a firm spine and strong muscles. Chiropractic massages can restore the fitness conditions at any age for the men and women.

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