Mental and Psychological Health as Keys to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Keys to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

The status of individual health depends on the physical and psychological aspects. A sound mind can be the stepping stone to a healthy and fit body. As a fitness trainer, I have seen many young men and women wasting their lives due to an unhealthy state of mind. There are many causes of the problem. They could be depression, anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, and related factors. Of course, you can find many causes for such negative effects. They could be in the form of addiction and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle


Having a positive attitude towards life can transform your thinking pattern. Ultimately, it will change your living style and pattern. I have seen many youth taking life too seriously. They plan for the next ten years. They dream of owning an apartment, having a car, and lading a luxurious life. But unfortunately, they forget about today. Plans can be for years, but the action can be one-day at a time. Accomplishing today’s tasks can give you a deep sense of satisfaction. You don’t need to depend on any external elements to keep you happy and contented.

Keys to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Stress-Free Mind

Having smaller goals can also keep you motivated for continuing with your progressive mindset. Your mind will be relatively free from stress. You will start loving your profession. Your contribution will be much more than your own expectations. For this, you have to stop worrying about the output. It could be tough in the beginning. But you can condition your mind gradually. You may find it tough until the threshold is reached. Then the process will become natural.

You can get a stress-free mind by taking responsibility and eliminating blame. Of course the other may be at fault. You can try not to blame an individual for his actions and make him realize his mistakes. He will accept and the stressful situation will melt away. Try admitting your mistakes without regrets and guilt.


Acceptance of people, situations, conditions, and things as they are can be the most transforming factor. Your mind will be like a crystal clear glass. Thoughts pass through without affecting your mind. Try and observe your thoughts without any interpretations and judgments. Grasp only those thoughts that are useful to you. Ignore the negative thoughts. They will pass away like clouds.


Mindful meditation through breath focus is a good way of focusing your mind onto a positive lifestyle. Acceptance lets you focus on any object of your choice without distraction. It is because your mind is clean and calm. You can start breath focus for five minutes. Then you can increase it by five minutes every day. You can reach 30 minutes within a few days. It should be sufficient to keep your mind in a healthy condition.

Probable Negations

Anger against someone can turn into lifetime resentments. If you can’t handle someone, move away from that place for a few minutes, hours, or even days. You can avoid resentments. Start practising every day and you can have a really have a healthy and natural lifestyle.

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