The Incredible Ways of Learning to Relax for Healthy Lifestyle

The Incredible Ways of Learning to Relax for Healthy Lifestyle

When was the last time you relaxed your mind and body at the same time on a weekday? I don’t mean you have to go away to Hawaii or Bali for a holiday. You can do it while being busy with your work. You can do it while taking a hot shower in the evening. You can do it while having a debate over your company’s budget sessions. In fact, you can do it at any time of the day and night. You may be interested to know how to make it possible. Here are a few tricks I have tried and got visible results.

Turn off Receptors

You are working on a complex project in your work-cubicle. You have a deadline to complete it within the next few hours. Your colleagues outside the cubicle are talking about a holiday program in the Caribbean Islands. Though you can’t hear them clearly, your mind will try to concentrate and listen to what they are talking about. You try to bring your mind back to your project work, but it is becoming difficult. What would you do?

The first option is to pull the curtains in your cubicle and continue to work. The second option is to go out and join them for the next few minutes. Tell them you want to go, if they choose a weekend. Then you can come back to your cubicle and resume your work.

There also a third option. Pull the plugs in your mind and turn off the receptors. That means you temporarily become deaf to what they speak and blind to anything that is going on outside your work-cubicle. How can you do that?

Meditation for Relaxation

You can perform meditation while sitting, standing, reclining, working, or performing any other activity. Close your eyes for a few minutes and start breathing deeply through both your nostrils. Imagine you are near the beaches of Bahamas. Stay still for a few minutes and let go of any thoughts that pass through your mind. You can feel your mind relaxing and letting go of everything that is disturbing.

Accept Chaos

Accepting chaos as a part of your professional life can be soothing and relaxing. Your colleague may disturb you by playing rock music while you are working on a precision design project. You may get invitations from your colleagues at the espresso coffee machine.

Work Consistently

You have to be consistent in your work schedule. Things may slow down at times due to uncontrollable factors. You have to observe what exactly is going on around you and how they impact your thinking. Cut off all the communications and be within the core of your work.

Lifestyle Improvement

Initially, you may find it difficult. Sometimes it would seem to be impossible. But you have to hang onto the present moment. You can experience significant changes in your lifestyle after a few weeks of consistency.


I have been working on the practical implantation of receptor switch off. I have experienced considerable changes even in my health and fitness because I do my workouts more efficiently now.

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